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What is 1:1 Financial Counseling?

Let an Accredited Financial Counselor® help you build foundational financial habits to improve your personal money management. Starting with your individual values as a driver for your financial goals, we will work together to truly build a better budget. Financial counseling is 100% YOU focused so start with our free no-obligation 20-minute consultation today to learn how financial counseling can change your personal finances forever!

Topics we can chat about:


Not sure where to start with your monthly money management? Let's get organized and create a budget that is unique to you and your lifestyle!

Financial Goals

Starting with your values, we will set financial goals that drive your financial future forward.

Credit & Debt Management

Looking to build credit or pay down existing debt? We will create a plan to effectively manage both!

Money Mindsets

Money and emotions are closely tied. We will discuss your spending habits, financial triggers, and your lived experience with money.


How does 1:1 Financial Counseling work?

  • Our Financial Foundations program will take a deep dive into your personal finances in an initial 90-minute session with our Financial Counselor, Kristian.
  • We will talk about your specific needs, whether that is paying down debt, assessing money management habits, establishing a budget routine, or something else!
  • We will then discuss tools and create an action plan to achieve your ideal financial future. You'll receive a personalized Budget Blueprint as your guide as you implement the action plan.
  • We will meet 30 days later for another 60-minute check-in to iron out any problem areas.
  • That's it! Most clients find the Foundations Program (priced at $350) to be sufficient, but if you want to keep meeting, our hourly rate is $75/per hour.

Things to know:

  • Ideal for those wanting to start from zero and build a money management plan to budget, save, build credit, and reduce debt.
  • Investing, tax, insurance, or business advice/recommendations will not be discussed. (Please seek out a licensed individual in that subject area for those questions!)
  • US residents only
  • Meetings are held via ZOOM video conferencing unless local to Kansas City Metro area.

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