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Welcome to Budget Blueprints! I’m Kristian, and I am so excited that you popped in to say hello! At Budget Blueprints, you will find financial tips and tricks aimed at improving your financial life. I write about everything, from savings on fashion and food, to current financial events, to personal stories of my own financial journey!

I believe that Personal financial management doesn’t have to be a daunting, scary task. Rather, it should be a freeing and empowering experience. It just takes a little patience, organization, and fervent goals.

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Get to know me:

I am an Accredited Financial Counselor® and have a BSBA in Finance. During the day, I spend my time as the Financial Wellness Counselor at a local university educating students on holistic financial literacy and well-being topics. Personal finance truly is a passion for me!

I have been married for five years to my husband, Marcus, and we are usually running around with two giant puppers! When I am not nerding out about budgets, you can find me in the craft room working on my scrapbook or enjoying the outdoors.

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