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What is it? The Bullymake Box is a subscription box full of dog treats and super tough dog toys for super chewers. Each monthly box is themed and includes either snacks and toys, just toys, or just treats, depending on the box you choose. 

From the website: “Each box contains 2 to 3 TOUGH chew toys and 3 delicious and nutritious treats! Toys only boxes come with 4 to 5 toys instead of any treats. Our specialty Nylon, Rubber, and Ballistic materials are made in the USA.”

Where can I try it? www.bullymake.com or www.bullymakeshop.com for individual toy sales. 

What’s the cost? $40 per month. Or get a discount for selecting longer plan options. 

Bullymake Box pricing and plans

Bonus: Sometimes they offer deals to try your first box. I scored my box for only $23. Plus, their website had a pop-up for a $10 off coupon in exchange for your email address. They also ship for free within the U.S. 

Bullymake prides itself on offering toys so tough it has an indestructible guarantee! Basically, their policy is that if your dog destroys the toy, just let them know and they will send a new toy. 

My Review:

Meet Moose. He’s cute, right? I should have seen that ornery face and ran. Moose is our (then) 9-month-old lab. Moose eats everything. He has no dog bed because he has destroyed 4 of them. He also regularly steals utensils off of the counter and licks the spoon, then eats. the. spoon. Is he a chewer? Yes. But that isn’t the issue. The issue is he eats foreign objects and then proceeds to have an upset tummy from both ends. Regular store-bought toys were often biting the dust in less than 30 minutes. So, last November, after another failed chew-toy attempt, I stumbled upon the Bullymake Box and decided to give it a try. 

I think they were running a special on my first box, so as I mentioned before, I only had to pay $23 total to try it. It was easy to sign up and I chose the plan that had toys only in it. My box had a Thanksgiving theme. Check out what came inside my box below.  

My Likes:

  • The toys are tough! He was able to tear up the rope, but it took a while. He LOVES the yellow treat-hiding acorn.
  • There is always variety. Bullymake showcases monthly themes and unveils new toys to match. Add to that their many types of treats and there are always new products to try!

My Dislikes:

  • Expensive! It’s $40 per month for the boxes. If you ordered any toys individually they are $18 apiece and $9 per bag of treats. 
  • Toys are too tough. This is my main concern. As a dog mom of a puppy, I had to be careful about his new teeth. I did not let him have the nylon bone or drumstick toys because those were seriously rock solid. My vet told me that if you cannot make a dent in the toy with your fingernail, it is too tough for their teeth. You couldn’t make a dent in these toys with a hammer. Seriously. 

I did let him chew on the flavored turkey toy, but only in short bursts. He was able to nibble on the corners of the turkey with in 30 minutes but not enough to be ingesting the toy. I do think that the nylon toys are unsafe and damaging to the dog’s teeth. I even voiced my concern to the company, but they say that they are tested and perfectly safe. To each his own. The rubber acorn was just fine though, similar material to a Kong ball. So it was chewy but soft enough to not break his teeth.

Bullymake toy options

Would I try this box again? No. This price point is just too much for my budget. That is about the cost of his 50-pound food bag that lasts a few months. Plus, if I am getting 4 toys per month, I am about to have A LOT of dog toys. They are virtually indestructible, so theoretically, I shouldn’t need more but one box of toys to keep Moose happy. I might in the future buy a toy individually instead of a whole box. However, I think that the rubber Bullymake toys that I prefer are similar in quality to the Kong toys, so I could just buy a Kong at a much lower price. 

Have you tried any subscription boxes? Let me know in the comments!

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