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Use this worksheet to budget each paycheck throughout the month.


Creating a budget once a month, with a regular income, just doesn’t work for everyone. Use this worksheet to budget each paycheck throughout the month.

The budget-by-paycheck method changes the frequency of your budgeting throughout the month. Instead of creating your spending plan once at the beginning of the month and tracking expenses from there, you work through a series of mini budgets each time you get paid. In doing so, you review your income for the pay period and decide which bills to pay within that timeframe. When you get your next paycheck, the process starts again.

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For a detailed guide on how to use this worksheet, check out this post.

Step 1: Starting with your first paycheck, record the paycheck source, anticipated amount, and date.

Step 2: Record the actual income received and note your current bank account balance after you receive your paycheck.

Step 3: List the items that need to be paid between now and your next pay period. Any remaining funds can be used for discretionary spending and saving. Subtract the expense from your bank account as you pay a bill.

Step 4:  Repeat this process for each paycheck that you receive.

Step 5:  At the end of all of the pay periods for this month, review the budget and your goals. Use this data to make any necessary tweaks to next month’s paycheck cycles

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