Envelope Labels


Set of 10 labels to use with the cash budgeting system.



These labels are the perfect companion to your set of cash envelopes. Stay organized with pre-labeled categories and space to create your own!

Category Suggestions:Ā Personal, Gifts, Dates, Fun Money, Tithing, Coffee, Hobbies, Self-Care, Pets, Car Maintenance, Christmas Shopping, and Miscellaneous.


  • 10 oval labels. (4) Blank and (6) pre-labeled: Groceries, Spending, Household, Entertainment, Gas, Eating Out.
  • Measures Approx. 2.75″ (Length) x 1.5″ (Width)
  • Ovals outlined in red, blue, green and yellow colors.
  • Envelope not included, for demonstrations only. (But check out our bundles in our shop!)

Additional information

Weight.04 oz
Dimensions8.5 × 11 in


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